Michael Lauren & Dielmann Sothebys Forge Alliance

Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty and Michael Lauren Development Forge Alliance to Provide Clients With Enhanced Process to Build Their Dream Homes

Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty and Michael Lauren Development Forge Alliance to Provide Clients With Enhanced Process to Build Their Dream Homes Clayton, MO (January 20, 2010). Two Clayton based firms, Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty (www.dielmannsothebysrealty.com) , a residential real estate agency, and Michael Lauren Development LLC (www.michaellauren.com), a custom home developer, jointly announced today an innovative alliance designed to provide residential clients seeking to build their dream home with a more streamlined, cost effective, and efficient process.

According to Michael Rechan, President, Michael Lauren Development, “Residential agents are often challenged to work with custom home builders because each home builder follows a different process, with different contracts, different preferred financing, and payment schemes. This can make it difficult for even experienced agents to understand the builder’s process and communicate it effectively to their clients. Clients often end up purchasing existing or near completed homes, rather than pursuing a true custom home new construction purchase, because of this uncertainty.”

Andy Dielmann, President of Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty concurs,” Our agents need to have a comfort level with the custom home developer to provide a quality home for their client. They also need to feel secure and confident that the builder will be easy to work with as far as closing the home purchase. Since most agents sell true custom homes relatively infrequently and often are not familiar with the home builder, this can be a difficult hurdle to cross.”

The alliance between the two Clayton based firms is aimed at changing this dynamic. As part of the alliance, Michael Lauren Development will now be located at Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty offices at 8301 Maryland Avenue in Clayton, where they can provide Dielmann Sotheby agents with regular overviews on their custom home building products and processes and where they can jointly meet with clients interested in custom homes. Michael Lauren Development will also list its custom home properties for sale through Dielmann Sotheby’s. Michael Rechan has joined the Dielmann Sotheby’s sales team as a Broker Associate, while Andy Dielmann will be welcomed to the Michael Lauren Development advisory board as part of the arrangement.

“Michael Lauren Development has built some extremely elegant homes in the Clayton market that have been well received,” says Andy Dielmann. “They also guide the client toward a concept the firm refers to as “Rightsizing”. We feel this is in tune with the marketplace right now for a host of reasons ranging from the economy, to energy efficiency, to the simplicity and lifestyle advantages this approach provides.” According to Rechan,”Rightsizing, is about providing the client with the most effi cient, elegant and completely updated custom home that meets their needs and budget, and moves away from the industry emphasis on maximizing square footage. We ask clients to look at how they really live, and what rooms actually get lived in and for what purposes, and then build a home tailored to those needs with the most effi cient fl oor plan possible.”

The alliance is non-exclusive, so Dielmann Sotheby International Realty and Michael Lauren Development LLC will continue to work with other custom homebuilders and agencies, but the alliance is designed for both companies to better serve residential clients interested in true custom home building.

For more information Contact:
Kate Mueth. Director of Marketing/PR
Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty
8301 Maryland Avenue, Suite 100
Clayton, MO 63105
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